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The problem with standard software is that a single product cannot fit all business requirements. This is why business owners have begun to look for software development companies that offer custom software development services instead; to get the desired results. Custom software development is the process of developing, executing, and progressing software formulated exclusively for use by a set of specific users in a small organization or enterprise and is tailored to attend to different needs and tasks.

It would be opportunistic and self-serving to propose you work with us instead of thousands of other CMS companies without providing you with the correct information. From regular customizations to complete and quality software development, you can rely on us. Our custom software solutions are designed to solve varied and specific business complexities and achieve immeasurable results. Here are some characteristics of our company and employees:


Expert Peoples


First Growing Process


Creative Ideas

Transform customer needs into project goals: The software can either make or break your business; you must seize what can enhance and expand your brand at this stage, not later. Our team, with their expertise and proficient work skills, assists you in empowering your business and stepping up your game.

Agility and Cooperation are the keys:   We believe that vigilance, agility, and coordination are the pillars of any team or company. We offer a cross-functional approach to our clients, which gives them better control of how the project is handled and executed on our part.

Best Blend of Economic and High-quality: We all want the best quality products, but sometimes with our shoestring budget, we have to compromise and go for a cheap alternative. But if we consider software development, it is a long-term result with short-term investment. But can there be a way to hit two birds with one arrow? Yep! Orbit Infotech brings you the middle ground with its affordable and prime standard service.

Our Distinctive Approach and Procedure

Being approached by Orbit Infotech, you get a determined and proficient team backing you up at every turn.

1 Research and Innovation

2 Authenticating and formulating concept

3 Design and Paradigm

4 Advancement

5 Analyzing and Quality Survey

6 Perpetuation and Support assistance  

Services Under Software Development

Enterprise Software Development: Promote your business framework with scalable software that enhances fundamental aspects of the same. Acquire our industry-oriented experience to design, build, and balance your new enterprise software solution.

Mobile App Development: We help brands all over the world design and formulate high-quality digital products, enabling hassle-free user experiences across all modern technological platforms and devices.

Dedicated Development Team: Enhance your delivery capacity with experienced and committed developers. Our clients succeed by anchoring Orbit InfoTech's unique building process, incentivizing and maintaining software development teams.

IT Consulting services: Use the ablest brains' proficiency and extensive tech background at Orbit InfoTech to create an all-inclusive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that aligns explicitly with your business objectives. Our strategic IT services will help you self-drive and digitalize operations, hone the software portfolio, and execute the newest technologies.

UI and UX Design: Want to develop your product with a team that institutes a translucent design process, adheres to deadlines, and delivers a veracious outcome? Turn to Orbit Infotech's UI and UX services. Our design team is a small-size atelier within a giant software company that will assist you at every step in producing an appealing product efficiently and promptly.

QA Services: Our QA services will help you secure complete control over your product's life cycle, monitor it at all stages, and provide you detailed product quality report. For quite a long period now, our QA experts have been applying the most advanced practices and technologies to ensure adequate performance and high-quality project implementation for a varied range of enterprises and delivering reliable software at the proper time.

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