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In this digital-first era, starting your business without having any digital presence can prevent you from realizing the maximum potential of your business and you may end up losing a number of opportunities. That is why even the traditional businesses sectors grocery and fresh food are also building their online identity by creating a website. There are various investments involved when you create a website. You need to buy best web hosting plan to get deliver the best user experience, invest in SEO to gain a good ranking, and get your website designed according to the latest standards. However, many businesses just build a website, and after some initial efforts and getting a good ranking they comfortably abandon the same. That is not the right way as you may end up losing a considerable amount that you have invested during the initial phase. You need to keep on nourishing your website with fresh content and helpful, engaging blogs. It is arguably the easiest and cheapest way to gain maximum opportunities from your website. We are talking about corporate blogs.

Corporate blogs help businesses and professionals to gain good traction on the search engine ranking as well as strengthen their website credibility while adding more volume to their website. If you are good with words then you wouldn’t have to spend any money on maintaining your corporate blogs. Alternatively, you can also hire a freelance writer to write for your corporate blog on a regular basis. It helps you to gain the trust of your readers and offers a strong foundation for your SEO strategies. Most importantly the corporate blog will allow you to present your portfolio in more attractive and wholesome formats while building your authority.

Have a Full-Fledged Plan before you start

You need to have a fully-fledged plan before you start posting the blog. In order to get the maximum benefit out of your blogging endeavors, ensure what would be the strategy of your blog posting.

  • Would you like to start a separate website for blogging that would link back to your site?
  • In that case, are you able to afford the investment associated with the same like domain registration and web hosting along with separate CMS and SEO packages for the same?
  • Would you be focusing on the new product arrivals or is it the latest issues in your blog posts or would you like to address them in order to prove your authority and make the content shareable?
  • Who would be the target audience of your blog posts?
  • Would you concentrate on the B2B clients or are you focussing mainly on the B2C clients in which case you need to use more mature language including industrial terms?
  • What are the major objectives of your blog- acquiring clients, finding B2B partners, or establishing your company as a brand?

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Search Appropriate Keywords for maximum benefit

After you have specified the complete strategy for designing the blog next you need to be more specific and find the keywords that you would like to focus on. Always remember, that Google does not like Keyword stuffing but it has never said that using keywords in your website or blog would annihilate every last chance to appear on the Google search results page. You should know the right use of keywords and use them judiciously in your post for maximum output.

You can use the Google keyword planner tool to know about the different keywords and the competition faced by each keyword. You can pick the relevant keywords according to your own objectives

You would also know about the new keywords that might be slightly or totally different from the ones that you already know. It will provide you with knowledge about the latest search trends on Google. Thus you can expect to remain a step ahead of your competitor.

Creating the Blog Posts

The keyword planning tool allows you to know how to write search engine-friendly content. However, there is a difference between writing search engine-friendly contestant the content that is singularly focused on influencing the search engine. In the latter case, there are high chances that your content will turn out to be keywords stuffed or unnatural-sounding contents.

  • Google values the user experience more than anything else. So writing user-friendly content in a conversational tone will stand you more chances to get some positive points from Google rather than creating content that is singularly focused on search engine ranking.
  • The keyword-stuffed content; shallow content and rephrasing do not add significant value to your corporate blogs. On the other hand, Google can even blacklist such content and make your worst nightmare come true.
  • Write content that is informative, concise, and crisp. Use diverse appeal for maximizing the impact of your content. For example, you can supplement your text content with infographics, videos, and diagrams.
  • Use humor as salt to garnishes your blog posts. It will amuse your readers and would encourage them to read more.
  • Keep the best part for the last. The ideal strategies give a hint at in eh first quarter of your content about something big that is explained towards the end of the content. It generates curiosity and attracts readers.
  • Google works on certain algorithms and guidelines and each of the content passes through that algorithm before it is ranked on the Google search engine. So you need to follow those guidelines and algorithms strictly in order to get the premium ranking on Google.
  • Plagiarism is the most hated activity when it comes to Google Guidelines. The plagiarized content can hurl you down several notches or may even get your site penalized heavily. Besides, you may also find yourself in the legal soup if plagiarism is proved. You can use Copyscape to check the uniqueness of your content.

Content Marketing

While writing the valuable blog post odes add to the overall value of your corporate blogs, you would also need content-making strategies to offer your blog a wide viewership. In fact not employing content marketing strategies can almost nullify the effect of your daily blog posting.


  • Join the reputed and relevant groups on Facebook that are active and supportive. Whenever you post new content, you can share the same with the group members in order to take it to the audience that matters the most.
  • Apart from the popular social media, you can also use industry-specific online networks where you can share your latest blog posts. It will help you a great way in building B2B relations
  • You can also maximize the viewership of your blog by linking them with your guest posts on different platforms. You can write the related guest posts on high Da blogs and can link your latest report blog an appropriate word/phrase that needs a separate detailed explanation

Note: For the maximum results and if your budget allows, you can also outsource your content marketing to some good content and online PR agencies like Orbit Infotech and others.

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