Virtual Classroom & Video Conferencing

We at Orbit Infotech are a reputed and reliable Virtual Classroom Platform. It is our goal to deliver our best efforts in the field of education and video conferencing. For doing so, we have based our website on most of the sought-after virtual services. Since the digital world in the future, there are several reasons why you must take resort to our website. Our most accomplished efforts are online tuition platforms and video conferencing solutions. Video conferencing platforms are much in demand. Since digital media is the future, you must start with it now. You can almost carry the conference where you go and travel. Your work will not be at a standstill because of it. People can from anywhere join in and get the needful done.
Our trusted and worthy services: Listed below are the services for which we are well known. We guarantee your productivity, quality, and professional standards in our services.
One-to-one video calling and chat: On availing of this feature, you can rest assured of paying individual attention to the student. If you feel that your child needs the undivided attention of the teacher, then here is your chance. This option is the best for all those children who are shy or have special needs. The student is considered for asking direct questions to the teacher without having to wait for the rest of the class.
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One-to-many video calling and chat: If you feel that your ward would do well in a competitive environment, then we have a solution for that as well. In this section, we promise to give HD video resolution so that the lectures are unhindered while many are taking the class together. This will be a healthy opportunity to exchange ideas. The children will also get a boost to perform better in online meeting platforms.
Screen sharing: Video conferencing is made easy with the share screen facetime options. This feature is of great help when a class has to be attended with multiple numbers of students. The sound of the teacher also remains clear and audible.
Interactive whiteboard: As suggested by the name, it is a big workspace where you can draw, illustrate, label, write, and do things that you would do in a copy. Draw diagrams and graphs as well while the lessons are explained to you. Maps are also included for a better understanding of the students. Students can also upload presentations and images on the smart whiteboard.

Benefits of a Virtual Classroom

You have to evolve with the changing world; perhaps that is why you must keep pace with the market demands and the fast-paced world. Entering a Virtual Classroom comes with its perks and pros. Let us take a look at them,
  • 1. More interactive sessions
  • 2. Flexibility in class timings
  • 3. More precise explanation of the lessons with proper study materials
  • 4. Options to record classes for later use
  • 5. No missing of classes due to adverse weather conditions
  • 6. Great collaboration of the best faculty members
  • 7. Using the best Audio-Visual effects
  • 8. A lot of animations can be used to make the lessons interesting
  • 9. High-definition video classes or conferencing
  • 10. Enrollment can take place from any place in the world
  • 11. The interactive whiteboard is an awesome technology
  • 12. A wide range of study materials in the e-library
Great for teachers: Teachers will also benefit from this platform because they can prepare their lessons and keep everything recorded. They can make engaging content for the students and give them a better learning experience. Since it will reduce manual labor, it will give a teacher more time to concentrate on preparing excellent study materials.